Food Security Monitoring bulletin INDONESIA (Vol. 7 - July 2017)

  • Mohammad Ridwan
  • 05 Agu 2017


  • Higher than normal rainfall levels boosted crop production in early 2017, but also led to more floods and landslides. The climate outlook for August and September suggests above- normal rainfall levels for most of the country, but very low precipitation is expected across southern parts of Indonesia, especially East and West Nusa Tenggara, southern West Papua and eastern Java.
  • Planting area for paddy might exceed a normal-year by around 1.2 million hectares in July and August. There is an increased risk of pest outbreaks, so appropriate input use and enhanced pest management will be needed to prevent crop damage and loss.


Take preventive measures to minimize potential pests outbreaks: Avoid excessive use of a nitrogen-based fertilizer Protect natural enemies of pests by limiting pesticide use

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